Measure an individual’s athletic ability for a variety of Olympic and Professional sports

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Primco Testing System (PTS) was developed to measure an individual’s athletic ability for a variety of Olympic and Professional sports.

PTS is quick, practical and flexible and can provide an accurate assessment of each participant’s overall athletic ability/fitness level.

PTS' unique, world leading Data Delivery System enables athletes, coaches and trainers to view and compare their results and improvements over time.

Users are able to compare their results across all of PTS' Data Delivery System.

Primco Testing System offers a range of benefits for athletes and coaches.

Athletes and coaches will be able to accurately track the development of key abilities over time

The simplicity of the testing disciplines enables athletes of all ages and development to participate to the fullest of their abilities

Creating a broad data base of performances will enable athletes and coaches to highlight areas requiring further development, as well as provide a guide for adjusting or creating future programs.

Results will be accessed by PTS users through the purpose designed Data Delivery System

Enables coaches & Administrators to monitor athletes throughout a season, providing immediate feedback on both game day performance and training

The Tests

PTS provides government, sporting bodies, clubs and schools with immediate data on the athletic abilities of their athletes, players or students. This allows coaches to build on crucial aspects of game/sport specifics, techniques and skill acquisition.

All of the testing disciplines can be customised to better replicate specific skills required in your sport. These tests are designed to measure an athletes Speed, Power and Agility.


The 20m Sprint is a test of an athlete’s speed and acceleration over 20m.


This test is designed to test an athlete’s vertical leaping ability from a standing start with a one off, maximum effort.

To measure this, PTS uses a sensor mat which measures vertical jumping ability.


The standard Compass Run sees an athlete start in the middle and, in turn, run to each point of the compass, before running through the finishing gates to record the time taken.

Fast Feet

The Ladder Run (Fast Feet Test) is designed to measure an athlete’s foot speed, balance and coordination.

Who can use PTS?

PTS can be used by individuals of all skill/performance levels, however we believe it is best suited to those looking for a way to enhance and improve their physical abilities to take their performance to new levels.

-PTS is suitable for ages 5 and up

-PTS is a world leader in Talent Identification


There are extensive Licensing opportunities for the PRIMCO Testing System in Australia and Internationally.

If you would like further information about Licensing PTS, please contact us at

PTS Team

Ian Campbell

  • Moscow Olympian
  • Commonwealth Games and World Cup Medalist
  • 2 Time NCAA Indoor Triple Jump Champion & Collegiate Record Holder

Max Binnington

  • Montreal Olympian
  • Commonwealth Games and Pacific Conference Games Medalist
  • Athletics Australia National Performance Manager – responsible for Commonwealth and Olympic Games Teams (Melbourne 2006 and Beijing 2008)

Jesper Olsen

  • Manchester United and Danish World Cup Star
  • PTS Director of Football


PTS has been such a valuable part of my football training sessions over the years. PTS has given my players a real point of difference and some hard facts on where to improve. Personally, I would have PTS as part of my monthly training schedule. You should try it and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
Jesper Olsen – Manchester United and Danish World Cup Star
The unique Primco Testing Systems measures explosive speed, endurance and power over a certain distance that is certainly a system I can't wait to use to test and measure my players.
Ron Carothers – Waverley Reds (ABL Championship Team)
PTS is quick and easy to use. The testing provides me with critical information about where my athletes are improving and what elements we need to focus on, which is essential when preparing for national and international competitions. I highly recommend PTS for coaches and athletes of all ages and performance levels.
Dr. John Boas – Olympic Games Medal Winning Coach

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